Does Intivos Meet AWI Premium Grade


From original questioner:

I'm looking through the AWI's standards for premium drawer construction and it seems as though they left the door open on metal drawer boxes…..unless I'm misinterpreting it which is also possible. I'm trying to figure out if Blum Intivo's would meet the Premium standard or not. Or if it's simply up to the architect/client to decide if they will accept them?


From contributor Al

They don't meet the standard for joinery or that all the drawer parts are supposed to be the same color and material.

If they are specified they can be used, but not as an equal substitution to a side or bottom mount slide.

From contributor ja

This is one area the Premium standard could use an Updating !! But No is the answer it would not meet the standard yet every alternate we have submitted has been accepted

From contributor Je

Thanks guys, I'm going to meet with the architect tomorrow and he'll have the option of Intivo's, (which would look more appropriate IMHO with the overall design), or standard dovetailed drawer boxes.

I honestly think he spec'd premium just to weed out the wood butchers, as in previous meetings he's seemed pretty flexible. I just wanted to have as much information at my disposal as possible.


From contributor Al

The problem comes from when an architect specifies a project expecting a taller deeper drawer in an opening with a ball bearing slide and they get the metal drawer systems that they didn't want.

The other issue is make sure the architect is making an informed decision, it would be better to have the Blum rep call on them.

When you get an architect to modify the spec and you perform to his and the customer's satisfaction then the next time the next guy substituting something that is less than the spec fails the whole industry gets hurt.

Make sure that he understands its not equal to what he specified under the specifications and its a manufacturing preference for your business that you believe will perform as well or better.

There are a set of steps in the appendix you can use to test the drawers to show him how they perform.