Door Supplier In Northern California


From original questioner:

I used to be located in Southern California so I do not know which door suppliers are good in my area. I am located in Placerville just 40 minutes Northeast of Sacramento. Looking for a company that can also pre finish the doors on some jobs.

What kind of quality does Decore-Ative Specialties have in Elk Grove?

Thanks for any information you may have for me.

From contributor jo

Cal door is up your way. I am In ventura ca and use them just because their quality is much better

From contributor Gr

Cal door in Salinas, Ciminos doors in Holister. Neither one pre finish doors. Have used both. Both are of good quality

From contributor Ch

Decorative specialties is in my experience either ok or absolutely the worst company I've ever dealt with. I've had both experiences. They do pre finish doors in their colors but they were unable to tell me what they use should they need touch up or refinishing at s later date. Cal door is ok but I like Dutchman door better... No pre finishing though. There are s few others but I forget the names

From contributor Ji

Thanks for these responses and emails. I will be checking out these and any others that come in.

From contributor De

Call Victor at Cal Door (916)869-1023 is your sales rep. Great guy. They deliver twice a week on their own truck, prices are good and they take care of you. Tell him you want the Closet Doctor deal.