Drawer Bottom In Cabinet Vision


From original questioner:

My drawer bottom in cabinet vision is to tight .
How I can make more clearance for drawer bottom

From contributor Da

Need more clarification on what type of drawer box construction you are using.
Look in the drawer box and rollout wizard under Bottom.

From contributor Bo

I using 5 pc drawer construction
and how i can make more Clarence for dado drawer box bottom
( 5/8 melamine material

From contributor Da

Not familiar with the 5 Pce Drawer I only use System Drawer Box. It looks like (not sure) you will need a UCS to control size of drw bottom.

From contributor Bo

I just need to adjust dado clearance for drawer bottom

From contributor Da

What version of CV Solid are you running

From contributor Bo

2012 ultimate

From contributor Wy

I assume you are cutting your parts on a Cnc and the dado needs to be wider not deeper. If this is the case then change the thickness of the drawer bottom material in the material catalog.

From contributor Bo

ok Thanks

From contributor Jo

In Version 7.1 there are UCS posted on the esupport forums that will both widen and deepen the dado.

In Version 8.0 this is built into the drawer box wizard, you just specify dado types for each joint (blind, through, stop) and oversize values.

From contributor No

CV 11, dado is shown in nested parts for a 5 piece drawer box, but it won't show the dado in the tool path or physically cut the dado out. All other functions work....?