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Cabinetmaker gets suggestions on economical sources for drawer fronts and cabinet doors. June 17, 2005

Do any of you know of a good door supplier that is reasonably priced? I'm starting a project with nearly 150 rp doors and about 80 drawer fronts. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Try Real Wood doors in Slaton Texas, office 806-828-3533.

Texas Doors is 1-800-950-7920. You might also try Louisiana Cabinet Doors at 1-800-906-6555. They both have doors with sanded finishes that are as smooth as a baby's butt.

We have been making cabinet doors and fronts since 1978.
Terry Manufacturing Company
Palestine, Texas
800 594 2167

Try Tony Mitchell at A- Grade Cabinets (615-974-8058). I like their flat price per door. It's so much easier to price a job that way, rather than by the square inch, then a multiplier to get the labor cost. Tony makes it as easy as it can be, for the customer as well as his company.

When I first heard of this guy, I thought that at his low prices, he would have a dirt floor shop. I was blown away. He has a 5000 sqft state of the art setup, full cyclone loading up the dust for free with a new Ford tractor just to get rid of it, 8 people working full time. His rationale is this: it's the same amount of labor on a small door as a larger door - just as many cuts. He has been in business for 30 years, and must have a grip on his cost - lives in a fine home, works exactly 40 hours a week.

On our first meeting, I told him that I may need some of his doors to handle my excess work load, but was concerned that if I miss-measured a door, I would have to wait a week for him to make me another one. He scratched his head and said "that would be a problem, wouldn't it?" He walked over, grabbed a full set of free born cutters, handed them to me, and says "problem solved." If I had met this man a few years before I did, I would not have a single shaper taking up space in my shop.

Why not try some of your local competition? I run a medium sized shop, but build doors and fronts for half a dozen small shops and trim carpenters. I sometimes install them for a minimal charge. It's good business for both parties. No outrageous shipping charges and if something doesn't fit, I can have a remake in less than an hour.

Try KD Products in Springfield Mo., 800-862-1248. Good but limited product line, fast turnaround.