Drawer Slide Adjustment for Flush Inset Cabinets

The math and the hardware positioning and adjustment can get tricky when you're using tandem slides with inset face frame construction. July 6, 2011

This is my first cabinet job with Blum tandem slides in a long time. I would like somebody to check my math for me. I am building flush inset cabinets. The literature says that the slide itself 470mm but the minimum box depth is 479.
The picture that they show is of an overlay cabinet. I am building flush inset.

Is there something I am overlooking here? If I build a cabinet box with 479 behind the faceframe will this work? Are there any differences to this depth if I used the heavier duty tandem called 568H.

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From contributor M:
479 = 470 length plus four set back plus five minimum rear bracket depth.
Generally yes you'd be ok with 479 depth, but for flush inset you should use the inset front clips which allow some in/out adjustment. Actually I think itís all out adjustment from the 4mm set back, so itís better to set them back a little farther, but unfortunately I don't have the set back dimension offhand. Maybe someone else can fill in the rest of the details.

From the original questioner:
When you say to use the inset clips, do you mean the orange gizmos at the front? How are they different than the other clips?

From contributor M:
Yes, the orange clips. They have special ones for flush inset that have the added in/out adjustment screw. The standard clips have no in/out adjustment.

From contributor S:
If you are using this stuff on a face frame application do yourself a favor and make a mock-up first. For example is Blum's formula assuming a "0" adjustment position, or half way into the adjustment? Will the drawers only adjust out, or in?

From contributor G:
Make your drawers the standard front to back depth (12, 15, 18, 21). If your drawer fronts are the same thickness as your face frames then you would set the slide 1/4" back from the rear side of the face frame.

The PV locks that have the adjustability will only adjust out, not in. So you want to make sure that your drawers are a little bit in from the front of the face frame so you can have the use of the adjusters. Blum says to put the slide back 5/32". I find that is usually perfect or slightly in front of the face frame. The PV adjusters have more than 3mm of adjustment.