Drawer Slide Screws

Finding screws that won't scrape on the slides during operation is a bit tricky. February 19, 2011

Are size 6 or size 8 screws normally used for slide installation? What type of head is recommended? I have tried flat head and pan head but they stick up too high and scrape on the underside of the slide moving parts. I usually use truss head screws which have a flat enough head, but the built-in washer is too big to fit in the slots of the slides I am currently using. Is there such a thing as a truss head screw without the washer? I usually use size 8. Should I be using size 6?

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From contributor G:
What kind of drawer slide hardware are we talking about?

From the original questioner:
Ball bearing slides for side mount on the drawer box. Doing some research I see that Woodcraft has something called Highpoint low-profile ball bearing slide mounting screws. Any experience with these? I am wondering if they are just the same truss head screws that I have used that are too big. Also, they said they have some type of screws for mounting European type slides. I would like to stick with Phillips, not square drive - any advice?

From contributor T:
It'll be a 7/16" #8 truss head, especially designed for ball bearing slides. They're harder to find, but square drive will definitely make your life easier for the cost of a driver bit.

From contributor K:
I would suggest that you pre-drill with a Vix bit and use 5mm system screws.