Drill Doctor?


From original questioner:

Im looking to maybe sharpen some brad point bits that have gone dull.

Is it worth spending a few bucks on a product like Drill Doctor to sharpen them or waste of money?

From contributor pa

I have one and love it, unless they have come out with a new model, they wont sharpen brad point drills.

From contributor Mi

When did u buy urs? That sucks if it wont cuz thats typically the only type i use

From contributor Ad

The Complete Guide to Sharpening by Leonard Lee will teach you how to sharpen anything.

You use small needle files and diamond files for brad points.

From contributor Bi

Drill doctor is basically a pencil sharpener, works on twist bits but not brad point or spade bits.

From contributor Br

It's a little more than a pencil sharpener as it grinds a "developed tip" They work great but don't do a brad point. I send those to my saw person and they do it.