Dry Rack Question


From original questioner:

We have several dry racks, one is one of the kind from wireline, the other three we custom made. The part that the doors set on are made from 1" pvc pipe. The problem I'm havering is mainly on painted work. The pipe leaves a mark on the doors. Every time we get ready to finish a kitchen we wipe and thoroughly clean the pipes but seems like no matter what I do there is always a spot or spots where the door layed on the rack. The way I do it is spray the back of the door first, put it on the rack and when it's dry then paint the front, it's then when the back of the door will have the spot on the stiles. I thought about covering the pipe with some sort of sleeve made of fabric to cushion it. Maybe like a sock? I don't know if it would work or not but the sock would be easy enough to take off and throw in the washer and dryer. Does anyone else have the issue and if so have you found a remedy?

From contributor Mi

In our shop, I have copied drying racks using nail points to hold flat pieces while they dry. The points still leave a small mark or spot, but they are not nearly as visible as the line I get from using slats to suspend our wet work. If you like your current system with the pipes, could you drill holes and tap finish or wire nails through the bottom up. Seems like you could figure a spacing of every 6" or so, whatever would work for your common sizes. If not nails, maybe screws?

From contributor Ji

Mike- what finish are you spraying?
I had the same trouble with nitro lacquer.
Had an issue also with precat but not as bad.
I now completely finish the backs and flip only after an overnight cure. Problem seems to be resolved.

From contributor Mi

Mitch I have a few boards dedicated for that method that I use on drawer fronts. Don't mind it since those nail specs will be covered up by the drawer.

Jim, I'm spraying Chemcraft aquaprime and their variset precat. It does the same thing with the conversion varnish though. It's like we didn't even clean the pipes before we started... I've got a couple cabinets that I'm working on now and should paint them tomorrow, I think I'll try the sock idea and see what happens. The only way we find out what works is by trying it and seeing what happens.