Drying Racks


From original questioner:

I read previous forums on this and was curious if there is any new and improved models. I have the model that is like an upside down T with 25 racks on each side spaced maybe 2 1/2 inches apart. The whole unit is metal with a white powder coated finish. Problem I had was on maple with a really dark stain it left marks on all the pieces, kind of a shiny area which caused me a ton of grief. I guess with solid colors and light stains it wasn't noticeable. The idea of the rack is great, just wondering if there is rubber or vinyl or something that could be put on the rack to protect the wood. One of the previous forums said don't use tape on the rack, not sure what the reason for that was?

From contributor ke

i had this same problem with those racks. We cut up a couple sheets of carboard in squares that were big enough to just over hang all the edges of that metal. We had a stack of them by where we kept the empty racks and would fill the racks as needed then stacked up the cardboard when there was nothing in the rack

From contributor Ma

Veneer the pipes with cheap wood veneer.

Just get some pressure-sensitive adhesive backed wood edgeband, peel off a strip about as long as the pipe on your rack, and stick it along the length of your pipe. The wood should have enough flexibility across the 7/8" width of the strip to conform around the pipe.

You can try PVC as well, but I suspect you'll be happier with the wood veneer on it.

From contributor St

I got some 1/4" thick adhesive backed black weatherstripping foam and put a strip on each arm of the rack. Took my wife an hour or two to cut and apply all the pieces but it seems to work really well on panels that still have a soft finish on the backside.

Before, we just had round wooden dowel rods on our rack, which always seemed to leave a little line in the soft finish of the flip side of the piece.