Drying racks for doors

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Different racks for drying doors and drawer fronts after spraying. July 3, 2001

Does anyone have an interesting system for drying doors and drawer fronts after spraying? Space is critical. I have a wall I can mount something on.

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I have two different types of drying racks for cabinet doors. First is a rolling rack that is a heavy platform dolly with two 2 x 4s running 5.5 feet perpendicular to the base. The two bys have holes drilled parallel to the base that 3/4" x 36" dowels are slid through. The rack will hold 30 doors per side. The other rack is composed of two 3/4" pipes that are in a "3" configuration, about 3' tall. These are mounted to the wall with a few pipe mount clamps, so they will swing into the wall when not in use. In use we have three 24" x 8' racks that sit on the arms of the rack. This will hold about 40 doors or drawers.

I went to Home Depot and bought some lengths of wire shelving, the kind used in closets. I screwed it to the ceiling on two by stock. I drill holes in the bottoms of the doors/drawer fronts and put cup hooks into them. The wire shelving provides a one inch grid pattern for hanging. Works good so far.

I have a rack constructed of a 12" square column in the center (constructed of plywood) mounted on a 4' square 1 1/4" thick ply platform with casters. Around the central column I attached 3/4" x 1 1/2" x 5' long poplar boards, 2 on opposite sides then alternated 2 more on the other opposite sides, butting them tightly together. My rack is 5' tall and I can get about 20 doors on each of the 4 sides. You can also make the same thing two-sided or even able to break down and take to the job site.