Dummy Finial Hinges for Inset Doors

A cabinetmaker wants to use Euro hinges for the real hinge, but apply a fake half-hinge to the door surface for looks. January 13, 2009

Is there a source for "dummy" butt hinges with finial ends? I want the look of the old style hinges with the features of a Euro hinge. I like the adjustability of a Euro hinge and the self close, soft close features. I think it would be nice to be able to attach a finial style false hinge to the edges of my doors to give the look I am after while still using the Euro hinge system.

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From contributor I:
Can you take the pin out of the finial hinges and only attach the one half to the door for decoration, and then use the euro hinges to do the work? I am not sure how your finial hinges are built and whether they would look right if you only used the one side. You may have to leave the pin in and cut off the plate that attaches to the cabinet to make the hinge look whole. It seems like a lot of work to go through, but I see your point.

From the original questioner:
Kraftmaid offers a door with a fake finial hinge that attaches inside the bead of their mitered door. They use a full overlay face frame trying to get the look of an inset door. I want to do something similar, except I want to actually use inset doors, just without the actual butt hinges.

From contributor F:
There was a product made for use with Cup hinges. A few years ago it was advertised in the trade magazines. I believe the fellow who made this product doesn't make it anymore. Maybe someone could start it back up again. Sometimes great ideas come on the market way too soon. He used to post on some of the woodworking forums. Could be a great business for someone making this part. Some online know who he is - maybe he's still making a few.

From contributor D:
We will screw a non-mortise hinge to the face frame and then use Blum thick-door hinges. Works like a champ.

From the original questioner:
How much gap do you have to leave between the edge of the door and the dummy hinge? Is there any problem with the door hitting the finial tip hinge? I did some experiments yesterday using a Blum inset plate with a 120 degree hinge, and a standard finial tip butt hinge (I just used those for now because that's all I could get locally). I had to leave a heavy 1/8'' gap to clear the finial tip, then the door would open up and hit the finial tip hinge when fully opened. The next time I order hardware from my supplier, I will order what you described and see how that works.

From contributor D:
The butt hinges mic out at .085", and we allow that each side. The back edge of the door is adjusted right to the edge of the hinge, then backed off slightly. The standard clip-top or clip Blum hinges won't work - you have to use the thick-door hinge.