Dust Contamination of CNC Cooling Equipment

A word of warning: Cooling fans or air conditioners attached to your CNC can fill with dust and catch fire. December 28, 2014

Question (WOODWEB Member) :
I would just like to take a moment and advise/warn everybody that has air conditioners or cooling fans on their CNC Machines to not let anybody just blow off your CNC tables as all that dust gets into the fan bearings and sooner or later the bearings will seize and you will have a fire. Keep the filters clean and open up the cabinet every once in a while and you will be surprised at how much dust gets past the filters. The picture is of the $4000.00 air conditioner off of the control. No damage was done to the control or anything else but this could’ve been a disaster.

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Forum Responses
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From Contributor J:
Thanks for the reminder. I just taped your post to our CNC cabinet for the guys to read.

From contributor M:
Ouch, and I recognize your manufacturer. Going to go open mine right now...

From Contributor W:
Is that a Thermwood AC? They have a maintenance schedule for the filter to be cleaned every 25 hours of operation and if you do not push the filter in all the way flush with the cabinet your AC unit fills up with dust. Check it the whole cabinet will fill up.