Edge Banding Glue Softened At High Temperature


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We loaded an order into a truck and it sat for 2-100 degree days and 1-85 degree day before it was delivered. At delivery the banding was separating from the panels, but only the parts that were closest to the truck ceiling. There's plenty of glue. Iím estimating the truck got to 140. The glue data sheet says it softens at 220 F, that's nowhere close to the inside temp of the truck. Has anyone else experienced something similar?

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Spot temps might have been much higher.

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Edge banding as in pvc or p-lam strips ?


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It was wood veneer, .030" thick, not plastic

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Was it primed ?

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fleece back, no primer

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Here is the low down from what I was taught.

A high filler or even a medium filler content edge banding glue can sometimes fail under extreme heat or cold swings. (true or false, I don't know)

1- I always run a low filler content on the bander (yes it cost a lot more per bag)

2- We always, always prime hpl and solid wood strips. The fleece backed wood tape has never given us any problems even in extreme temps. (But we run a low filler content glue.)

3- Regular tests of glue line on the bander. We always do a peel test. (A coincidence, I just tore apart the glue pot and did a major overhaul because of some failing pvc, due to "odd glue lines" on the peel tests. It was filthy, to say the least and I replaced a few heating elements and the roller bearing and bushing, although they were fine, while i was in there. The parts were 1200.00, and 1 day)

I hope this helps, I have repaired so many of others failing laminate stripping on cases, and solid wood strips and after thorough examine you can see the p-lam just fell off and left the glue on the edge of the door or case.

I took the advice of Edge Banding Services store manager 10 years ago and never looked back.


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That all sounds correct. The glue I use is a very low filler, from what I understand. I have also done the peel test numberous times and wood veneer usually comes off in 1"-2" sections. I also do the squeeze test----take clear tape and tape it to the back of the edge banding in a few spots and run it through bander. Next, cut the sections of banding that have tape on them off, tape should not stick to glue and you can see the glue on the board. Should be no visible glue line/pattern from the glue roller showing. If there is then it is either a pressure roller issue or a feed speed issue.