Edgebander Problem


From original questioner:

I have a Holzer 1436 SE bander. When feeding material, the bander will shut down when it pushes the lead end trimmer down. If I manually push the trimmer down without feeding material, it continues to run. Also when feeding material with the end trimmers set to off, the machine will continue to run. What could be the problem? I would like to get a technician to tune it up but have not been able to find one in my area. Located in northeast Georgia.

From contributor ja

Johann of Machine Warehouse is in Charlotte and the best Bang for the Buck !! he has worked on both of my banders and I could not be happier !

704 839 6615

From contributor Bo

I have heard of Johann before. I would like to find someone closer if possible. Charlotte is close to a 5 hour drive from Washington Ga.

From contributor ja

I would think NE Atlanta would be plentiful of techs ?

From contributor Ji

Does the trip switch activate the pneumatic switch and move the front end trim to the cutting position?
Is the trip switch functioning off/on actuating the pneumatic switch?
Is the pneumatic switch functioning, applying air pressure?
There is also a switch that controls the allowable feed spacing between panels? Is it resetting?
Lastly, you can leave the machine set to end trim but manually disconnect the trim motor wiring to isolate it. I once had a trim motor that developed a bad bearing allowing the armature to drop onto the field causing a overload and shutting down the machine.
Try the above then call Lee Johnson or Lakeside Industrial for contact info if not successful. He will have the remedy, Lakeside will have the parts necessary.