Edgebanding on a Curve

Hand-application tips and machinery recommendations for applying edgebanding to a curved edge. September 15, 2011

Does anyone have tricks for edgebanding on a curve - both inside and outside curvatures? The banding material is pre-glued birch.

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From contributor J:
Apply the edge banding to the wood and tape it in place with masking tape. Use 2" wide tape and apply as close as need be to keep the banding tight to the wood. Heat with an iron or heat gun.

From contributor L:
Practice some before the real thing. I'm going to guess this is veneer banding, not thicker. Clamp the work so you can use both hands to manipulate the banding. Even at that, this is a 3 handed job. Hot air gun, roller and guiding the banding. If you start to get a bubble, stop right away and correct it. You can't shrink the banding later!

If you do a lot of this, there are machines that do a good job a lot quicker. Should you ever get a bigger job to do, farm it out to someone with a BAZ machine. Shape cut, banded and trimmed without touching it.

From contributor D:
Can you tell me what a BAZ machine is? Thank you.

From contributor L:
Go to YouTube and put in: Homag BAZ CNC Router 5-axis woodwop office wood furniture 04.

There are actually quite a few videos showing different versions of the same machine. I think Stiles also has videos on their site.

If you just need the short version: It's a CNC router that cuts the parts to shape, then bands them. Impressive piece of technology. They will probably have one running at the next woodworking show.

Hand banding pre-glued and hand trimming it isn't much fun. Watch the grain runout as you trim!