Electronic Levels


From original questioner:

Has any one use one of these electronic levels? Are they accurate and stay accurate over time.

From contributor Le

I've used one, it was a long time ago. It had a 0.1 degree accuracy. It wasn't enough for me. I could do better with a vial level. If they would go 0.01 then I'd look into them again.

But vial levels don't run out of batteries either.

From contributor Ke

I use a Starret engineer's level piggybacked on various length Stabila I-beam levels to install cabinets +/- 1/16" over 6'. It is far more precise than my Bosch electronic level/ protractor with a 0.1 degree resolution. The Bosch is reliable, just not close tolerance. For anything better you have to step up to a machinist's level with gradations showing .005" per foot, about $1,000 new.Used engineer's levels can be found on ebay in the $100-150 range, new are around $450.

From contributor ch

I bought one called a "smart level " I think twenty years or so ago. I wasn't impressed.
As for maintaining accuracy mine could be re calibrated fairly easy, which was good because I had to do it often.

From contributor gu

i got the new starett one and love it helps my aging eyes out

huge improvement over the older ones