Epoxy Porch Post Repair

Advice on suitable repair epoxies for a rotted exterior porch post. March 3, 2009

I have a client who owns a gingerbread cottage with turned porch posts that are rotting at the base. We have installed gutters and diverters to prevent further damage from rain runoff and now need to repair the rot, which is about the first 12" at the bottom of the post. Is there a good product that can replace the rotted wood? I've heard of epoxy-like fillers but have never used them. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Forum Responses
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From contributor P:
If the posts are load bearing then they should be replaced. Or at the very minimum, cut off the rotten 12" and build a new solid base for them to rest on. If the posts are decorative, and it's just a little superficial rot on the surface, then the epoxy might work.

From contributor A:
I am now using either extira or sapele mahogany treated with Smith and Co. CPES. Their fill-it filler will rebuild any parts which can't be made new.