Ergonomics and Wrist Discomfort

An advanced, ergonomic mouse and trackball might help relieve wrist pain, but other workspace tweaks may also be priorities. September 24, 2006

Hi, I am considering getting a Spacepilot secondary mouse to try to ease the RSI I get from clicking the mouse all day. Does anyone have any experience with these? It would be used with Solidworks mainly but possibly sometimes AutoCAD 2000i.

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From contributor A:
I use the Spaceball 5000 for Autocad. I think these are fantastic tools, very well made (and certainly not inexpensive). Mine is made in Germany. I would not dissuade anyone from getting one of these 3D connexion products if you think you can use it and gain some productivity from it. However, if you are getting wrist pain, check some other things first. Your elbows have to be at a natural height with the keyboard, slightly above perhaps or level. Get the best mouse that money can buy. Logitech for me is the best. But find one that clicks easily and fits in your hand right. Make sure you have a good chair, firm and upright with adjustable arm rests. Find some exercises that relieve wrist and hand tension. Squeeze a tennis ball, or gel grippe ball. All of these things together will help. I'm not sure that the Spacepilot in itself will do what you want. When I first started doing this I used to get wrist ache. I now have a desk at the right height, with plenty of work surface in front of me. I have a very expensive, ergonomic chair. I use a Logitech cordless mouse, with my Spaceball 5000.

From the original questioner:
I just bought and am using a Spacemouse from 3D connexion for use with Solidworks. Fantastic! This should not only ease my painful hand but also speed up the drawing process. Lots of great shortcuts to program in!