Exterior Door and Window Adhesive

Shopping for a stable, strong adhesive for window and door assembly. October 25, 2012

My shop builds exterior entry doors and historical windows. Iím looking for other types of adhesives for exterior use that other shops are using. Also Ė does anyone offer finishing your doors or do you send them out raw? We have used a product called Epifanes in the past. Are there any other popular products for a good exterior finish?

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From contributor D:
I like Epifanes spar varnish, but I think the industry is embracing Sikkens Cetol for doors right now. Itís more user friendly, to me more of a makeup than a strip and cote ordeal. I just listen to my customers, all commercial. Most high end stuff we send unfinished, a good portion of lower end transoms and sashes are primed. We use a number of adhesives, depending on their application.

From the original questioner:
Contributor D - what do you normally use for gluing up exterior doors?

From contributor D:
Structan in the mortise and tenon joints. It has no water and doesn't swell the tenons. It comes in caulk tubes and is the consistency of vaseline, which helps everything slide together easier. We laminate the engineered stiles with Spectrum RB-201, a PVA which is not only RF ready but also meets ANSI type 1 bond, which very few PVA glues do.

From contributor D:
RB-201 is an option but it is a different glue. It is two part, mixed with catalyst 4518. It is definitely type 1 bond.