Fastening Baseboard to Concrete Walls

Ideas for a quick grab and lasting grip for sticking baseboard to concrete walls. July 2, 2008

How can I fasten 1x4 baseboard neatly to concrete walls?

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From contributor J:
Construction adhesive and something to put a bit of pressure on the base while the adhesive tacks up enough. Or adhesive and a few Tapcons. Counterbore the Tapcons in a 1/2 hole and then plug or bondo the whole.

From contributor M:
Just like Contributor J suggests - glue and tapcon. Use the 3/16" screws, that should be plenty.

From contributor T:
You could try construction adhesive and hot melt glue to hold it until the adhesive cures.

From contributor K:
You could try Loctite adhesive. It’s along the same lines as Liquid Nails, except it has instant grab, minimal pressure and sets in 15 minutes.

From contributor J:
I forgot about the instant grab. That’s probably the easiest solution.