Felder Or Scm Shaper


From original questioner:

I've narrowed my selection on a new shaper with slider to the SCM/Minimax T45w and the Felder F700Z. The Minimax is considerably less money but the Felder would have a router spindle, digital display, tilting spindle and a better warranty. Apart from the better warranty, I'm not sure the bells and whistles on the Felder would be worth the extra money. Any thoughts?

From contributor Le

I have an older Felder F7 with a 10HP tilting arbor and last year I bought the high speed router spindle. Its a great machine with great customer service. I am pre electronic digital with my machine but I would think that this would just bring it up a notch. I just bought and new 500 series edgebander from Felder based on my satisfaction with the shaper.

From contributor La

I don't think they are in the same class! You'd have to move up to one of the bigger SCM models to compare. I'd always go for the heavier shaper no matter which brand.

From contributor B.

I can't say which is the better machine but will suggest you look at all aspects of the machines before making your final decision.

My older SCMI T-110 shaper (much larger tan the Minimax I believe) has a nightmare of a design for swapping out spindles. Also the spindle lock cable design has been an issue over the years. I've had to make adaptations to the original design on both these items to make them work reliably.

If you have access to the two machines I would suggest studying these sorts of details prior to making the purchase. I'd also look into parts availability. This has never been a problem for my T-110.

BH Davis

From contributor Br

I'd buy the Felder, no question. Much heavier and robust machine plus the features it has. The MiniMax is a light duty machine. You might pay more for the Felder but in a few years you will be glad you did.

From contributor st

Not in the same class at all. If you're looking at minimax then the comparable Felder offering would be their Hammer line of machines.
If money is the deciding factor, then look at Hammer, if quality is what you want then it's the Felder.

From contributor Pa

I have SCMI T 130s with digital fences .....what great machines....setups only take a few min. You can stand a dime on its edge it runs so smooth....if you can find one used I would grab it.

From contributor mi

Thanks for the input. I just purchased a 2008 Felder 700 shaper that would appear to be in top shape. I'm looking forward to seeing it in the shop!

From contributor Ch

Used to have a Felder slider/shaper...KF7 I think it was. Hated the slider part, CC fence sucked, rip fence sucked, keeping anything in alignment...nightmare, dust collection sucked (well, you know what I mean). I only used the shaper part a handful of times and that was fine. Maybe Felder has evolved but I would venture to guess SCM would make a better machine (even though it's Italian)

From contributor do

Does anyone really change spindles? or youse a router bit in a 10,000$ Shaper? Ive always had dedicated machines. Felder, wadkin, martin, casedei? Get the heaviest machine you can. You cant go wrong with a scm t130. But I've used many some I've never heard of. 7.5 hp minimum, 1 1/4 spindle minimum. Able to hold 5 or 6 inch corrugated head. 1000 lbs ok 1500 ormore better. Good feeder a must. Personally I only tilt 1 or 2 times a year, so I would question the feature. Especially if you have a mikron.

From contributor st

I change spindles. I don't have room for multiple shapers but I have plenty of room for multiple spindles with dedicated tooling. And yes, the router spindle is very useful, don't need a router table or a router for that matter. Router bits in a $25k shaper...why not.
Granted, I don't use the tilt everyday. More like once a week, but it's invaluable when I need it.

From contributor bt

I too have been looking at the minimax tw45 at 5295 a fixed spindle sliding table the felder f700 z or m has more options starting around 9000 I still dont know if a sliding table is better or more benifits than a solid top ,now there are some scm units used that are heavier but they are three phase and i would rather not go with a phase converter at this time i think !