File Drawer Side Mount Location


From original questioner:

I am assembling cabinetry for an office and I have a few file cabinets 20"W. I am using the touch release Accuride side mount slides for the file drawers and I would like to know the best location to mount them. I am considering mounting the slides in the middle of the drawer for more support (opposed to the bottom of the drawer). Has anyone ran into issues with installing in the middle of the drawer? or think the opposite?

From contributor Br

I like them at the top of the drawer because then the weight is hanging from the guide instead of sitting on as if mounted at the bottom. the drawer front attachment is about centered on the guide making variance when opening and closing less of an issue.

From contributor Al

Accuride details show that slide placed at 38.1 MM or 1-3/4" from the inside bottom of the cabinet or horizontal member to the CL of the cabinet member.
That's where we typically mount them.
I would hazard a guess that their load tests follow their installation instructions.


From contributor Da

Maybe I'm slow, but how does top VS bottom change the load forces on the slide? The up/down forces on the slides/boxes will be the same no matter where the slides are located (vertically) on the boxes.

Consistency, locating all slides the same distance from the top or bottom, is easiest/most efficient. I prefer mounting slides near the bottom edge of the drawer because it should be the most square, straight and solid part of the drawer - e.g. no potential for flexing/racking on big drawers.

From contributor Ri

I agree with Dave on this. The mounting position makes no difference on the weight transfer to the slide. All distortions will be the same but the piviot points will be all that changes. I like to mount as close to the bottom as possible as well, since that is the most rigid part of the drawer.