Filing Laminate Edges Left-Handed

Files are mostly designed for the right-handed craftsman, but a left-hander can file as well as a right-hander after practice. June 12, 2014

Question (WOODWEB Member) :
My new employee is left handed and can't file as fast as everyone else because the files are made for right hand use. I can't find a file made for left handed use. Do left handed people just learn to file backwards?

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From contributor G:
Have him pull instead of push.

From contributor C:
Like many things in life left handed people just don't get catered for. This generally makes us highly adaptive to ambidextrous tasks. I am left handed and was told by my first boss I would never be able to file as efficiently or effectively as a right handed person. Luckily his negativity merely inspired me to prove him wrong. The last couple of years of my employment before going it alone I was the go-to guy in a 20 strong team for any detailed laminate work as I did the best job of filing. I use a standard file running a slightly steeper angle than usual. I do a light forward run then apply a little more pressure on the back run. Let your worker know it can be done if he perseveres.

From the original questioner:
He has learned to file with a regular file now. It's not fair but what could one do?

From contributor Y:

I'm left handed too and don't see it as a problem at all. You may have to hold onto it differently, but it works just fine.