Fillers and Putty for Melamine Repair

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Choices for touching up nicks and scratches. May 10, 2005

We have started doing a lot of melamine interiors. What are you using to fill any nail holes or chips in the melamine?

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From contributor R:
Kampel makes good ones, although a little tricky to use as they go off so quickly; good for small chips, harder for big ones.

From contributor L:
I use a white burn-in stick from a furniture repair kit, and melt it in with the electric knife.

From contributor B:
Change your construction methods. I don't use any nails or staples and purchased the equipment to cut chip free. Way simpler.

From contributor F:
For the occasional chip way in the back, try a few cans of white spray paint until you find one that has the right sheen for your particular melamine. For major damage, fill with Bondo, and carefully shave the Bondo flush, before it gets rock hard, with a razor blade. I spray a puddle of paint on some disposable surface, then use a small artist's brush to apply it to the damaged spot.

From contributor D:
901 seamfill.

From contributor C:
White Out. Every office already has some, right?