Filter Specs for Filtering Lacquer

Advice on straining lacquer and conversion varnish. June 18, 2010

I am looking into purchasing a large roll of mesh filter, like a silkscreen. I was going to use 200 micron and wanted to make that would be a suitable size. What do you guys think?

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From contributor G:
I use medium cone filters. I have no idea what size the holes are.

From contributor Y:
Gerson premium clear-coat filters are 150 mesh. Their superfine are 200, but they are best for thin liquids 20-25 zahn # 2 or ford four cup viscosity's at most. 150 is better for heavier cvs but still slower than medium mesh 120. Are you going to strain after thinning or before?

From contributor R:
I bought a box of nylon stockings from a drug store. I cut off a piece a few square inches, fold it over a few times and zip-tie them on the intake tube of your cup gun or your pressure pot. If after you have initially strained your material be it thinned or not , this extra protection will capture any leftover particles before they have a chance to contaminate the surface.

From contributor A:
Buy a box of medium mesh paint filters. Why waste time reinventing the wheel?