Finish Room - Coating a Finish-Room Floor

Epoxy is an option, but so is fire-retardant reinforced paper. January 25, 2013

We are in the process of stripping around ten years of finish that is around 1/8" thick off the floor in our finish room. Once we are back down to fresh concrete I want to protect it with some type of finish (epoxy, oil-based floor paint, etc.) that will be easy to clean and hold up to all the chemicals we use in there. It looks like epoxy may be the best way to go, but it is so expensive and our room is almost 3000 square feet. Does anyone have any thoughts on other durable finishes or know where to find bulk epoxy at a lower price?

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From contributor N:
We line our floor with paper and tape the seams with blue masking tape. Your finish booth is larger than ours so it may not be practical for you. Our facility is not far from a newspaper production plant so we pick up leftover paper rolls (they are three feet wide). Depending on how much spraying we can go 45 to 60 days before changing out the paper.

From contributor H:
Paper is fine as long as you never get a fire inspection or need to comply with any written fire code. Your floor coating must be fire proof. I have two-part epoxy in my booth and about ten feet from the opening (open face booth) and the rest of the floor has a single component epoxy garage floor coating. The booth area is scrapped out with a linoleum tile scrapper every few years, then rest just repainted.

From contributor S:
We line our booths with roof paper and tape the seams with duct tape. The paper is listed as fire retardant. We never have a problem with fire inspection and change often. The rest of the finish room is two-part epoxy coating.

From contributor A:
Even if you paint the floor overspray will accumulate. Floor paper is a must but not just any paper. Chemco floor paper is fiberglass reinforced and fire retardant.

From contributor L:
The 100 lb Chemco paper is good and surprisingly durable. We also use their filters.