Finish Strainers


From original questioner:

What mesh strainers is anybody using to strain there cv when pouring it into the gun? I have been using medium mesh. Just wondering if I should use fine. Thanks...........nicko

From contributor Le

I just use a paper cone strainer, medium.

If you aren't having any issues with the medium mesh then why bother? If you are having smutz get through then go to the finer mesh.

From contributor Ji

I always use the finest I can find for
clear finishes.
Can't imagine any reason not to.

From contributor Ke

one reason comes to mind... viscosity

From contributor Ji

If it's to thick to go through a fine strainer,
it's to thick for my HVLP to spray it.

From contributor Ni

I use the fine for clears too...and the CV I use goes through them almost as fast as I can pour. The medium works great for pigmented finishes.

From contributor Ji

I have been known to use old
panty hose to strain with.
Works pretty good.

From contributor Ji

I found this on Ebay, it works
real well too