Flipper Door Hardware for Passage Door

Advice on choosing hardware for built-in doors that open and slide back into a recess. December 28, 2014

Question (WOODWEB Member) :
I have a client who would like the wet bar to incorporate old world doors that he will be providing. The design of this wall is that the wet bar is in a closet. He wants the doors to operate normally until he has a party then tuck back alongside the cabinets like traditional flipper doors for an entertainment center. I foresee these doors working on a top and bottom pivot not cabinet door hardware. The track would be 80/20 stock with linear slides and a rack and pinion gear between the top and bottom track. Has anyone done this?

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From contributor F:
Try Hawa from Haefele.

From contributor S:
Contributor F beat me to the punch with my answer. The Hawa Concepta is an excellent choice and there's no need to reinvent the wheel.

From contributor P:
I just finished a job using Hawa Concepta hardware. 1 1/2" thick doors, 3' wide x 8" tall. It worked beautifully. Get ready for sticker shock - $1500 per leaf!

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