Floating Glass Shelves

Thoughts on a tricky glass shelving challenge. April 10, 2009

I have a commercial restaurant project in house where the architect is specifying some glass shelving for the back bar area that is up against an existing storefront window. He has drawn 5 1/2" wide uprights with 5 1/2" shelves going between the uprights in fixed positions. Has anyone seen any method to connect this type of joint?

When I asked him about it he said he remembers seeing a metal clip arrangement but can't recall where. I have looked at all my sources and can't seem to find one. The closest arrangement would be cable supports and that may have to work. Any help is appreciated.

Forum Responses
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From contributor S:
Outwater plastics has clear acrylic shelf systems and aluminum shelf systems to build shelving completely out of glass panels.

From contributor J:
We have used Hafeles glass shelf pins with the nylon set screw when used between standing ends (they will fit 1/2") and cr lawrence as well.

From the original questioner:
I have used all the usual items you guys have mentioned but this particular job has vertical standards in glass and shelves in glass with no holes in the glass verticals. Imagine just butting the shelf into the standard and gluing it there. That is the look the architect is looking for only with some type of metal clip that he supposedly saw somewhere.

From contributor R:
Hafele, and others, have a UV cured adhesive available for permanently bonding glass to glass (or metal). This should do what you need with no visible hardware. It is the same type of adhesive used to bond your rear view mirror to your windshield.

From contributor I:
I had a similar but different situation not long ago. I got with the glass supplier that I use, showed him the pictures and architects specs of what was required and he came up with the solution that day. So, maybe try your glass supplier.