Folding Blueprint Table

Cabinetmakers discuss folding table options for the stuff they bring along when they measure a job. December 31, 2012

I need a light weight, folding blueprint table for when I go to field measure jobs. Does anyone have any suggestions on sources?

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From contributor M:
Is there a reason that you prefer to manually draft a layout? I usually just make an ugly drawing that is not to scale with lots of notations. Then I enter it into Cabinet Vision. Sometimes if the client is not there I will bring the laptop and enter everything into Cabinet Vision on the spot. I am assuming you are a professional. Even if you have a small shop that does one or two jobs a month you should consider abandoning the manual drafting of a site.

From the original questioner:
I didn't make myself clear. I need to measure a job. I bring the blueprints, the job folder, my briefcase, tape, writing tablet, camera, whatever, and I need a place to put all this stuff. I need a place to write down numbers, maybe make a sketch of the room. I'm tired of trying to do this on the floor, or trying to find a piece of ply to set on a garbage can. So maybe there is a lightweight folding table that can be carried in and snapped together for this purpose.

From contributor M:
Try a folding tube steel card table. I had one with an 1/8" masonite top that was covered in vinyl. I never used it for drafting, but it seemed stable enough. If I recall correctly, it was 30" square.

From contributor R:
I would make a plywood cart/table that had interlocking joints so that it could be carried flat and setup in minutes without any tools.

From contributor A:
I use a camera tripod with a nicely finished plywood top which could be any reasonable size. I simply embed a T nut and use the camera holding screw to hold the ply top. Itís simple but very useful. On the same subject, if you are not already using a good laser measuring device you are wasting time. I have also adapted a ply top for my iPod with "My Measures" app. This combination has proven priceless. Can't count the times were I missed some important detail, which now I capture on the iPod.

From contributor A:
The Otterbox case with the utility series latch is an awesome combination. Itís excellent for securely holding the iPad for taking pictures and holding it at an angle when viewing/working with it. Plus, it makes the iPad practically bullet-proof.