Formaldehyde Free Finishes Anyone ?


From original questioner:

for the sake of discussion......

so who all has tried FF conversion , pre-cats , or post-cats ?

anyone go all out formaldehyde free in their shop ?

likes .........dis-likes ?

any major quirks encountered ?

handle the same as their formaldehyde-a-plenty counterparts ?

temp related issues ?

From contributor Ni

I switched over to the Sherwin Williams F3 in April from Rudd.
I've used around 150 gallons since then and I have no complaints...dries pretty fast and sands very good for CV (I use a self-seal system) silky smooth finish and no formaldehyde!!!, this doesn't mean it's odor free, If my math is has at least 5 lbs of VOC per gallon before thinning. I did have a complaint on some 20 restaurant tables I did in May that it didn't clean-up as easy as the Rudd that I used on the bar top. I did offer to redo all the tables but since they haven't called me back, I'm guessing the difference was minor. And all my repeat customers (cabinet/furniture makers) prefer the look and feel over the formaldehyde out-gassing Rudd.
I have good make-up air, so never lower than 70 in the booth and I keep the drying room at 65-70 so no problems there...I've been able to stack, pack and deliver the next day with-out issue. That said like most CV's I've used it works better at 100 degrees than at 70.
I've sprayed it with a AAA (411), pot/gun (1.3) and gravity gun (1.4, 1.7) and sprays great out of all three. I've been thinning 16% with buytal acetate and that's been working for me.

From contributor Pd

We've been using the clear F3 CV for awhile now and love it. Self sealing, sands well and the 24hr. pot life means we waste far less than the 8 hour stuff. Best part is that it pretty much doesn't smell the next day. Coming from Krystal, that department is a huge improvement. I don't think it's as hard as Krystal, but the lack of smell in a finished interior 1 month later is worth it.
We're doing our first job with the tinted version next week. We'll see how that goes.

From contributor ji

thanks for the replies gentlemen ; thats the stuff I was looking for . doesnt sound to be much of a difference , which is great .