Freehand Sharpening for Chain-Mill Blades?

Replacing the sharpening attachment on a chainmill is much wiser than trying to sharpen chains freehand. August 30, 2007

I'm looking at a used Lucas 820 mill. This particular mill does not have the grinder sharpener with it. Is it possible to grind the edges of the carbide teeth with a handheld grinder, and get the correct angle? Does the grinder have to be a diamond type grinder?

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From contributor I:
Yes, you will need a diamond wheel to sharpen the teeth; they are usually carbide tips, very hard. Suggest you call Bailey's (the US agents for Lucas) and see how much a replacement grinder will be and include that in the price negotiations.

From contributor M:
It would certainly be easier to get up with Baileys. The grinder has its own bracket that fits into the saw carriage. This bracket holds the grinder at the proper angle. Of course, the grinder is just a chainsaw sharpener with a diamond wheel. You could likely fabricate one pretty cheap. I would not freehand sharpen the blades.

From contributor T:
If you decide to "save money" by not buying the correct sharpener setup, then you have made an expensive and time consuming mistake. When you eventually do get the correct sharpener from Bailey's, check its angle against a new blade.