Friction Between Wood and Jointer

Waxing helps wood slide more easily, but the outfeed table may also need adjusting. February 6, 2007

I am trying to joint up some red oak, but the oak seems hard to push through the jointer. The blades are new it's like the wood is sticking to the bed or fence. Is there a spray used to help the wood slide better?

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From contributor D:
Topcote works for me, and it comes in a spray. Most cabinet hardware suppliers have it.

From contributor T:
Topcoat is great, but in a pinch you could use some Johnson wax, or Minwax's version.

From contributor F:
That feeling you have that the wood is dragging might be just that. As you wear and dull the knives in one 3/4" area, it actually causes top dead center of that knife area to be a fraction lower. Now the board is actually slightly dragging on the lip of the outfeed table. If you have a hand wheel type of outfeed table adjustment, you can lower the outfeed table just a hair to compensate for knife wear. As stated above, paste wax or some other commercial preparation makes life on any steel tool bed much easier.