Fuzzy Edge Problems with Particleboard Melamine

Fuzz from the edges of freshly cut particleboard is gumming up the edgebander. What to do? Here's advice on bits and cutting methods. April 17, 2009

First some background. I am using a 3/8" 3 flute compression bit from Vortex. I am running it at 1000 ipm and 16,000 rpms as per Vortex's recommendation. I am getting pretty bad fuzz on the routed edges. When I go to edgeband the parts, the fuzz sometimes goes into the glue roller and clogs it up. Does anyone have suggestions on how to get rid of this fuzz? I am using Uniboard of Canada particleboard melamine, if that makes any difference.

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From contributor T:
We also run Vortex compressions and we have found that due to the crappy cores of most melamine lately, we get our best finishes by running a clean pass. Seems to tame down the fuzz considerably.

We have also found that Panolam products seem to work best for the quality of the core and the outer facing. Overall absence of edge chipping is also a big plus due to the superior face finish.

From contributor J:
You might experiment with climb or chip cuts to determine what's better.

From contributor B:
Conventional cutting helps with cutting plywood. Be sure you are not climb cutting, as this often pulls the fibers out of the middle. And run a finish pass like contributor T suggests. It will be smooth for edgebanding. That's how we do it.

From contributor C:
Have you tried a 1/2" bit before? If so, Southeast Tool can help with a 4 flute compression. If not, you may want to look at the size of the parts being cut. You may need to speed up the feed rate or slow the RPM, but only one at a time. Also check, clean, and replace those collets.

From contributor E:
Try slowing to 12,500 rpm, 300 ipm.

From contributor N:
I personally run a 3/8 compression at 20,000rpm and 400-600 ipm. This leaves me with a good clean cut.