Gap Spacing Between Full Overlay Doors

Thoughts on how far apart to space full overlay doors. January 13, 2008

We make and install frameless kitchen cabinets. We usually try to leave 1/8" per single box and 1/4" narrow for a double door box with full overlay hinges. Last client was whining that the slit in between a double box was too wide. Was less than 1/8th, no doors rub or even touch, and the doors line up beautifully with the drawers. Should I be making them larger? I'd like to hear your rules of thumb for spec'ing doors/drawer sizing in relation to box size.

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From contributor P:
Our standard gap between doors and drawer faces is 3/32", while on occasion (such as the current job), we go down to 1/16" when requested to do so, depending on stability of the material. The size of the doors and drawer faces depends on if the box has a finished end (we use applied) on one or both ends, requiring a full gap to the edge of the box, or if the box abuts another, requiring half a gap per box.

From contributor R:
I think 1/4 is way too much space between doors. I like 1/32.

From contributor M:
I build frameless only in my shop and the standard I work with is, outside box dimension on a double door minus 1/4", divided by 2, equals door size, per door. Single units are outside dimension of box minus 1/8", equals door size. This way when all doors are installed you have an equal 1/8" spacing between every door. Drawer fronts are O.D. of box minus 1/8" for total drawer front width.

From the original questioner:
I agree that 1/4" is too big a gap between doors. I think going for 1/32" doesn't leave enough for expansion and contraction. Thanks, contributor M, that's exactly what I was looking for.