Getting Epoxy Drips off a Fiberglass Tub

Chemicals that soften epoxy will also attack fiberglass resins. But heat may provide a solution. December 14, 2005

I have a bathroom project going on with a soaking tub in an undermount setup. The stone installers used some type of epoxy to either set the stone or seam the stone. The epoxy has dripped on the tub surface and hardened. I have tried all of the store-bought chemicals to remove the epoxy to no avail. Is there something I can use which will remove the epoxy and not harm the finish of the fiberglass tub?

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From contributor B:
I had a great answer or two right up until you used the word "fiberglass" to describe the tub. Unfortunately, the chemicals used for epoxy stripping will also do quite a job on vinyl ester or poly ester resins used in many such tubs. Depending upon the compliance ("rubberyness") of the epoxy and its heat distortion temperature relative to the resin used in the tub, it may be possible to use a heat gun to heat the epoxy just enough that it becomes more rubbery than the tub surface, at which point it may be possible to carefully scrape it away (with a wooden tongue depressor, for instance) from the tub's surface. I don't recommend scraping with metal tools.