Getting Rid of Scrap Laminate

Suggestions for putting excess laminate into the hands of someone who might need it. September 17, 2014

Question (WOODWEB Member) :
Over the last several years we have accumulated a lot of excess laminate and now we are looking for a good way to unload when cleaning out the racks. What do you do with all the laminate?

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From Contributor T:
We have the same problem we use it on bottoms of counter tops and bottoms of fixtures that don't get seen when we need backer. Also we fill up a dumpster every couple months with extra lam.

From Contributor W:
We've had a sale for employees only that has worked out well. Put $10-$20 per sheet and see what you get. A lot of employees will take it. Be careful though, if they buy the laminate they will then want some free board, backer, adhesive, and time to make something out of it.

From contributor R:
Wow, watch out for the scrap material grabbing employees. Give it to the employees, raffle if lots of interest. The stock is already paid for by the customer, charging employees for material that has been paid for seems wrong to me.

From Contributor W:
Sorry, let me clarify. Over several years we accumulate full sheets of laminate for various reasons. You are correct that selling scrap laminate that's already been paid for to our employees would be pretty low. We only sell the full sheets, still at a loss to the company.

From contributor K:
Don't forget about a local high school shop, if one still exists in your area. That goes for stain, wood, etc., too.

From Contributor E:
The laminate you have leftover is not inventory and should have been counted into a job, I am assuming. It is therefore taking up space. Unload it, put an ad in the paper or online for people to come and get it. If someone wants to make a buck off it that is up to them. Or option two - you are willing to make something marketable out of it which is taking someone’s time in your shop. Now you are making something that you have to find a client for. I know it seems wasteful but that is business.

From Contributor W:
I will have to differ on the lost inventory. We may need 20 sheets for a job but I am buying 23-24 to account for splits, damage, change orders and etc. If needed I want it fixed quick. Periodically we roll it up and return for 75 to 80% after a restocking fee but to donate at the same rate turns into a tax write-off and lets it get used by someone who may really need it.