Glue Choice for Laminate Top Assembly

Advice on adhesive choice and assembly techniques for a countertop joint. June 22, 2012

What adhesive/glue is recommended for joining two sections of laminate countertop using the draw bolt method? I'm considering either silicone or waterproof glue.

Forum Responses
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From contributor E:
We use Titebond II Premium wood glue. Itís fast drying and water resistant.

From contributor G:
I use plastic resin glue.

From the original questioner:
I unfortunately went with silicone and probably put it on too thick. There is a small void between laminate edges which was not there when I dry fit them. I probably need to detach the sections, clean the edges, and redo with less. Any additional input is welcome.

From contributor C:
Use biscuits to fit and help align. I use a welders clamp with swivel feet to help align the front and this is one trick that has saved me hundreds of hours.

From contributor M:
We use standard wood glue between countertop seams. The trick is to have a nice clean square edge before you start. We use counter top bolts and biscuits to assure correct alignment. Countertop bolts really seal the deal. They keep the seam nice and tight.

From contributor G:
Waterproof glue should be used otherwise the water can and will penetrate and cause swelling.

From contributor R:
Sometimes Titebond II will dry before you can line up the mitres. Wilsonart Type II has a longer open time to level the mitres before they dry. The mitre bolts will act as your clamps while the final setting is done. Type II just describes the ANSI water resistance rating.