Glue Pot Cleaning Tips

Thoughts on the messy business of cleaning out an edgebander glue pot.July 28, 2012

I have a SCMI Basic 1 bander and was wondering about cleaning the glue pot. I have some cleaning pellets but am not sure about the process.

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From contributor D:
I used to clean them, but now I UPS mine to J & S Repair in Acworth GA. They do a great job cleaning and tuning up. Purchase insurance as glue pots are expensive, especially if they are lost.

From contributor U:
You can also stick a stick in the glue pot when it is heated up. Let it cool down and then remove the glue from there. Beyond that, everything else is removing everything, cleaning it manually and it is good to have it teflon coated to help in the future, then re-assemble everything. It is easier and sometimes less expensive in the long run to just send it out. When you clean your edgebander at night make sure not to blow dust, etc. towards the glue pot. These particles will mix with the glue pot and clog it. Itís always good to blow from the glue pot towards the back of the machine.