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Looking for a washcoat? You can buy glue size pre-mixed, buy your own, or use something else (like shellac). July 29, 2007

I must locate a company that sells glue size for use as a wash before I am able to spray an ultra penetrating dye stain product onto some freshly sanded alder wood. Any advice?

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From contributor P:
You make it yourself by diluting regular PVA wood glue with water. Try 10 parts water to one part glue.

From the original questioner:
Thank you - that's exactly what I needed.

From contributor J:
I believe Titebond makes a glue size already mixed, but as contributor P said, it's simple enough to make yourself. I would try using another sealer. I have had problems with glue size making the blotchiness worse. If it's not applied perfectly even, it looks terrible once you put a stain on. Basically, do a large test panel first to see if it meets your needs.

From contributor P:
Yeah, you could also try dewaxed shellac (like Zinsser SealCoat) diluted with denatured alcohol as a wash coat. Washcoats by their nature will affect stain/dye absorption, so experiment with different mixes of shellac and alcohol. Maybe start with 4 parts alcohol to one part shellac. Like contributor J says, always do a test panel, and note that ply or veneer will take color differently than the solid wood of the same species. Don't know what your ultra penetrating dye stain is, but you might check to see if the manufacturer sells a compatible "pre-stain" product.

From contributor E:
Try Jeff Pitcher, the technical advisor on the Adhesives Forum. His company sells it.

From contributor D:
CP Adhesives. You can buy it off of their website.