Glue for a Laminated Plywood Circle

Woodworkers discuss gluing up a laminated mirror frame of plywood. October 11, 2007

I have to build a circular frame to go around a round mirror on a dresser I'm refinishing for a customer. I'm looking for suggestions. The mirror is about 3f in diameter. Thinking of getting some 1/8 or similar plywood and laminating it in a circle around a mirror-size particleboard template. Will regular old Titebond II do the job, or is another type glue more appropriate?

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From contributor M:
I'd use a urea formaldehyde glue such as Unibond 800 or Urac 185. I'd think that you want the extra open time, as well as a glue that dries very rigid so that it helps to hold the shape as much as it's holding the layers together. I use Unibond and like it because you can make the glue lines disappear in laminated work. It's got three differently colored catalyzers that make the glue lines disappear on projects made from maple through to bubinga, jarrah, or wenge.

From contributor S:
If you don't see the back of the frame, I would use PVA and a kreg jig to kreg screw it together at the joints. If the back is exposed, consider a biscuit cutter; #10's work great. Added benefit, keeps faces flush while clamping.

From the original questioner:
Contributor M, you are the second person to recommend Unibond. I'll be giving it a try.

Yes, the back will be hidden. I'm also weighing options on how to make the laminations look like solid hardwood. I'm thinking veneer it?

From contributor J:
Unibond would be my glue of choice too. It sets with a rigid glue line so there is little worry of "cold creep." PVAs never really become a rigid glue line, so your plies could move over time. With an 18" radius, I think 1/8" plies are going to be too thick to bend cold. I would suggest 1/16" for that tight of a radius.