Gluing Stainless Steel to Wood

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Several methods will work. May 4, 2005

I manufacture stainless steel countertops. I need a quick setting adhesive for gluing wood bases to my stainless steel sheets. I have used contact cement, but I find this cumbersome. Any suggestions?

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From contributor E:
I've done a fair amount of gluing stainless to substrates using epoxy, but it's not as fast as you want it to bond. Have you tried the newer spray-on contact cements? You need less adhesive and open time is much longer. Seems a bit more expensive but works out to be actually cheaper. Sta-Put Adhesives was one brand we used. I would put the question to adhesive companies like 3-M and such.

From contributor H:
Any chance a construction adhesive would work? There are pneumatic application guns available. Many types of adhesive, too.

From Jeff Pitcher, forum technical advisor:
Both contact cement and construction adhesive should work fine. I like the idea of using a canister system here. If traditional use of contact cement is cumbersome, the canisters will easily change your mind.