Gluing Teak2

Clean the oil off the surface to achieve a good bond. December 2, 2006

We are looking for an adhesive for teak. We have a 5/4 teak top that we need to buildup on the edges to 2 1/4". Does anyone have any suggestions for what glue to use?

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From contributor R:
The only difference with gluing teak is that it has a natural oil content to it. To glue it, simply clean all surfaces to be glued with a solvent like lacquer thinner and remove the oil from the surface prior to gluing. It's important to know that the oil will eventually leach out again so you must glue as soon as the solvent evaporates out of the wood. Once cleaned, you can glue with any wood glue. I have always used yellow glue and have furniture 25 years old made of teak still in great shape.