Graduate-Level Information on Woodworking

Ideas on where to find well-researched information about woodworking. 1998.

by Professor Gene Wengert

As a Ph.D physical chemist (from Madison actually) recently turned professional woodworker, I crave information on woodworking, sharpening, finishings, etc. with a more scientfic bent to help me dispell some of the discrepencies and myths that I am encountering. Are you aware of such sources and if so, how could I gain access to them?

Other than keeping your eyes open for articles in magazines, I think the WOODnetWORK Forum and WOODWEB are a good source. The Univ of Wisconsin, NC State University, and Virginia Tech have run basic wood classes for woodworkers (professional level, not hobbyist) in recent years that cover drying, gluing, machining, particleboard, etc. Often they are three days long; watch the magazines for an announcement.