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Does anyone out there have any experience with Grizzly power tools, and specifically the 20" planer. I need a new planer and it looks like a good deal. I am happy with the sander I bought from them, but the planer is a lot more money and a lot more complicated.

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I bought all my tools from Grizzly five years ago and have had good luck with all of them, they're still going strong. I bought the 15" planer as they didn't have the 20 then, but it's along the same lines. It's worked well and been trouble free. Just like any other tool - keep the blades sharp!

I bought the 20 inch planer about two years ago. I have had no trouble with it and am very happy with the results. It has planed 2000 BF of hickory, not as much oak and some ash. I also have the 1023 table saw and 3 HP shaper. I've gotten my money's worth and more.

We've had a Grizzly 20" planer for three years and have used it a lot. The only major headache we've had is with setting the blades. Four 20" blades are hard to get set perfect. We bought it used but almost new - the original blades were still sharp - but I didn't get the factory tool to set the blades because the first owner could not find it. (I bought one last fall but have not used it yet.) We also bought a Grizzly 8" jointer at the same time as the planer and have had no problems with it, either.

I too had a Grizzly 20 incher. I agree with the other responses, but my machine performed better when I bought aftermarket blades that were solid, "good" steel, instead of just the edge. Cut better and held a better edge.

I've had good luck with my Grizzly 20" planer. I recommend that you buy the industrial model if you can afford it.

I have a 20" Grizzly planer, I am reasonably satisfied. I find it has trouble feeding yellow pine with the steel rollers and the pine being so slick. I tore up the gear box when it slipped partially out of gear. The way the speed control is located, if you are not careful, you can knock it partially out of gear. All in all, it's the best bang for the buck.

As you have heard from the others, the 20" planer is a great product. I work full time in a lumber yard and we have had the same Grizzly for six years. It gets worked very hard daily with no problems. I bought one last year, use it only for birdseye maple, have had no problem with it pulling eyes and have been very happy with my finished product. I say buy it - you won't regret it.

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Comment from contributor T:
I purchased a Grizzly G0454 20" planer recently. Overall it has performed well but I have a few small issues.

1. The depth adjustment is down too low.

2. I wish the switch could be on the same side as the depth crank.

3. If the work piece turns at all with a wide piece, it can easily ride over the side.

4. It came without any gear oil and out of adjustment.