Gun Choice for a Turbine Sprayer

How to pick a gun that will work with a turbine setup. March 29, 2006

Someone gave me this hv2000 turbine sprayer with no gun. I can't find an original hv200 gun that comes with it. Can anyone recommend another brand of HVLP gun I can use with this turbine? It's rated at 5psi, 58cfm. I don't want something expensive, since the whole system was probably around $200 new.

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From contributor D:
Turbines do not need to be matched to a specific turbine gun. Period. Find a turbine gun and hook it up. I suggest a gun that is a non-bleeder. But it has to be a turbine gun. I like Accuspray, but Wagner/Capsray, Titan, Graco, Turbinaire and Fuji (after all these years they finally get it) make non-bleed turbine guns. Prepare to shoot only materials that are greatly thinned down. But so what? As long as you can weather the lack of production efficiency, that's up to you. That lack of efficiency translates into more coats to get your desired dry mil thickness of finish film. Start searching E-bay.

From contributor S:
I have a Wagner non-bleeder gun and it works great. You will likely not be able to shoot latex, even if it's thinned, but stains and topcoats should go on fine as long as they're thinned enough. If you get this gun, buy some spare packings and cup gaskets. It stinks not having them if you're in the middle of a job.

From contributor J:
One word of caution when looking for a non-bleeder type gun. Make sure your turbine is compatible with these guns. If not, the pressure buildup will fry the turbine.

From contributor S:
Great point - my turbine has a relief valve at the outlet, before the hose that bleeds air when the gun's not in use. It's worked great so far.