Hafele Loox Lighting


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Hafele Loox lighting products..If you have used this product line what are your thoughts about quality and value?

From contributor du

I have been using the LOOX lighting products for years now and love it! I primarily use the 2015 high intensity LED strip type and put touch dimmers in with it that way if they are to bright the client can adjust the lighting level. They may seem expensive but are worth every penny. Don't bother going cheap with LED's, you'll regret it.

From contributor do

Hi Dustin. Just the type of reply i was looking for. I have a couple questions. I used their design service and ordered what they recomended using 2015 lights 12volt with touch dimmers for undercabinet. So i recieved my order and just trying things out before install...the touch dimmer switches only turn the lights on and off they do not dim. They sent the right part # so i dont know what is wrong. They say it should have a low , medium and high settings.

Also they sold me the lights housed in the metal strips. Does this sound right?

This is going in my personal kitchen as i have told my wife for too many years...

From contributor du

As far as dimming goes put your finger over the switch and hold it there, it should dim or brighten as long as your finger is on the switch. The LED's I get are on a roll with a self adhesive backing and a cut to length ability, the PN should be 833.73.411 for daylight, 833.73.404 for cool white and 833.73.403 for warm white. What part numbers did you get?

From contributor do

I did not know you had to hold your finger on the button to dim. LOL Hafele customer service did not know either.

My first time dealing with lighting so i just trusted them to get me what i needed and nothing more...well they sent a bunch of extra wires and conduit etc...i mean a LOT of extra that i paid for.

Basically they took their strip lights and fabricated them into the aluminum bars with frosted lenses. What i do not like about this is that you end up with less lights because they leave them short of the ends.

Do you just stick the strips under the cabinets and not use the aluminum bars? I think that is what i would rather do and save these for something else. I am using the warm white 883.73.403. Is that what you recomend for kitchen under cabinet?

From contributor Da

You have an additional option in the Hafele Loox line with their Loox 3015 24V ribbon. This ribbon is brighter the the 12V 2015 and has closer diodes which combined with the "milk" lens gives you a very even light source with no diode dots visible. This is still dimmable and can be put into their aluminum extrusions. We love these lights.

From contributor du

We just peel and stick the lights under the cabinets, don't bother with the channels. Because they come on 200" spools and can be cut every 3 or 4" that allows us to maximize the amount of lights you can install. Types of lights depend on the client, some want super bright, others a warm tone. I have a sample board with all 3 right next to each other and plug and play till they get the color they want.
As far as relatives in KS, not that I know of.

From contributor Ji

I use their round LED surface mount (5/16" thick) puck lights most often but did a fairly large job a while back with the extrusions, magnetic drivers and Lutron wall dimmers.
Turned out very nice.
I have used the touchless on/off but they can be triggered inadvertently, so I stick with the touch dimmers or Lutron wall switch dimmers.

From contributor St

I was told by a sparks that you can't use the magnetic driver with a lutron digital dimmer

From contributor do

Just an update here...I personally installed the 12 v. 2015 loox lighting in my personal kitchen and we really like it and it was really easy. I did take extra time to very neatly run all the wires hidden. I even did a section that i did not plan on. It was intimidating to me at first because i had not ever dealt with lighting but once you get the stuff in your hands it is easy to understand.

From contributor Sc

Sorry I'm so late to this thread, but just in case you stumble across this like I did I wanted to add a couple points. I'm Häfele America Co.'s trainer and have installed a TON of our Loox LED lighting and can say that was designed and engineered to be easily installed by cabinetmakers and furniture makers without the need for an electrician, with the rare exception of a situation where a hardwired solution is desired.
The one comment that I feel compelled to add is that there are several strong arguments to be made for putting LED strip lighting (AKA: ribbon) into aluminum extrusions with a lens, including protecting the exposed diodes from dust, cleaning agents and devices, accidental impact and to diffuse the appearance of the individual diodes. More important than those reasons is that the extrusions help to draw heat away from the diodes. In general you can say that heat kills electronics, and the useable life of any LED can be improved with the use of a head sink, which in the case of strip lighting is an important function of the extrusion. In fact, the high intensity 3028 strip lighting MUST be used in an extrusion.