Handles for Sliding Glass Office Windows

June 4, 2009

I'm doing a bunch of millwork for a social work agency total remodel. The GC or someone ordered sliding glass windows, like you see in doctor's reception offices. The problem is, there's no handle to slide - you have to put your hand on the glass and the glass is tempered already. I've seen other installations with the groove cut into the glass, the handles drilled through, etc, but none of that is an option without reordering the glass (they're already way over budget).

The agency has asked if we have a solution (we've come to their rescue on some other items and now are seen as the "go-to" guys). I know I've seen something like a plastic handle with a slot that would fit over the edge, and allow someone to slide open the glass without getting their fingerprints on it, but I certainly can't find a thing online anywhere I've searched. Does anyone have any suggestions of where I should point my attention?

Forum Responses
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From contributor S:
If you go to Outwaterhardware.com, keyword handles, then click on glass door and there you have it. They have a "J" handle that slips over the edge of the door in three different finishes.

From contributor Z:
The only thing that might be a problem is with a "J" handle. The width increases about an 1/8 to 3/16 so he should check the width of the recess the glass slides into.

From the original questioner:
Thanks for the replies. I like the idea of gluing a nice handle, but I think the J handle will work better for this client. There's no recess to worry about, so it will work fine (A lot of decisions on this job have happened after the fact, I have a feeling they built the room before anyone had decided how they wanted to treat the window).

From contributor S:
The other good thing about a "J" handle is the customer can't open the glass. With a hole or recess they also can open it. The "J" handle is one sided – that’s your selling point.