Hardware for Spice-Rack Pull-Outs

Slide choices for spice racks. March 26, 2008

What are most of you using for hardware for large vertical spice tray rollouts? Most of the hardware that I am seeing is bottom mount and has no disconnect, making it difficult to ever get the rollout out if needed, because the cabinet is usually narrow and tall.

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From contributor Z:
Side mount KV-8400 full extension slides work well and have a button to release the pullout (two piece slide). They are rated at 100 lbs. load. You can also add a slide, laying it on the top of the pullout attached to the top of the opening. If this is a pullout that is about 3 feet tall or better, I'd install the top slide.

From contributor G:
In frameless work, you can use Zargen slides, as Bob Buckley shows over at the True32 forum.

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From contributor R:
We use the Revashelf pre-made spice racks with full extension slides. They are much more affordable than making them in house.

From contributor J:
I use the same as contributor R. I've never had a problem getting the rack out once the cabinet is installed. They look great and in my opinion are cheaper in the long run.