High-Volume Hot-Melt Gluing Equipment

If you need to do a lot of hot-melt glue application, here is some basic advice. June 4, 2009

We will be applying hot melt glue to our 1/4" case backs while they are in the case-clamp. What type of application system do you use? Iím not interested in the "sticks in the gun" system, but am looking at an applicator gun with a tank type delivery system. If you use this type of system and are pleased with your equipment could you recommend it?

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From contributor B:
We use the 3M "Polygun II". It's still a stick gun. However, it's air assisted. We use it for exactly what you are wanting to do.

From contributor R:
Ditto the 3m. 3m has both types of systems available. You would have to be doing some serious volume to be running a tank system.

From contributor W:
You have two options when you decide to graduate from cartridge guns to a tank system. I have used an air assist unit from Dynapro and an electric assist unit from Viking. I liked the Viking better as it seemed to heat up quicker. I had less breakdowns and a lower initial cost.

A couple of noteworthy items with either system: don't let it sit idle for long periods of time while heating as the glue in the tank will cook and cause problems with burnt glue clogging the gun tip. Keep the glue pellets clean by keeping the pellets in a covered can. Any debris in the pellets will eventually clog the tip - be careful. This machine has caused more trips to the ER than any other machine in the shop. Pressurized 350-400 degree glue must be respected.